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Jednostka: Master-Bank
NIP 7705420744, Nr OGRN 1027739049304

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open joint stock company Master-Bank
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“Master-Bank” (JSB) was established at the end of 1992. As on June 30, 2008 Total Bank’s Equity reached the amount RUR 8,295,230 thznd according to IFRS standards. High level of customer service, flexible terms and conditions, dynamic style of business transactions together with steadily growing financial ratios makes the Bank attractive for customers. “Master-Bank’s” (JSB) approach to customer policy is based on the principle of establishing bilateral partnership for long-term co-operation. We created the universal system of banking service that fits most particular requirements for various target groups of customers – from privates and entrepreneurs to the enterprises of medium and small business and large corporations. The Bank has wide network of branches and offices in the most important, economically active and envisaging further development regions of our country – Central and North-Western. We have in our plans for the next three years to reach the number of our regional branches up to 15. High reliability, stability and professionalism of Master Bank have got world recognition. According to «The Banker» rating, “Master-Bank” (JSB) enters World TOP-1000 banks. Our partners in the international business are: Wachovia Bank NA, American Express Bank LTD, Dresdner Bank AG, Commerzbank AG, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich A.G., Landesbank Berlin AG, Bayerische Hypo- und Vereinsbank AG, AKA Export Credit Bank, Swedbank AB, Credit Suisse, CIC Bank, VTB Bank Group and others. “Master-Bank” (JSB) has close business relationship and successful projects with ECA - EULER HERMES (Germany), Eximbank USA (USA), MEHIB (Hungary), KUKE S.A. (Poland), Atradius (the Netherlands), FINNVERA (Finland). The EBRD Board of Directors accepted "Master-Bank" (JSB) for participation in two programmes: loans to medium and small business and trade finance transactions. We continue negotiations for our participation in other EBRD programmes. “Master-Bank” (JSB) takes one of the top positions on the bank cards market. Being the principle member of international payment systems VISA International, MasterCard International, sub- licensee of Diners Club International, “Master-Bank” (JSB) issues all the main types of bank cards of the above payment systems. The processing centre of The Bank fits the world standards and that gives the possibility to effect up to 259 mln. transactions daily, including transactions of JSB cards and Russian payment systems Union Card and STB Card. “Master-Bank” (JSB) issues two top rated bank cards of Visa International and MasterCard International - Visa Infinite and World Signia at once. Bank’s ATM network is one of the most wide being capable to operate with all types of bank cards of the following systems: Visa International, MasterCard International, Diners Club, American Express, STB, Union. The number of the ATMs exceeded 1000 and over 260 of them are multifunctional devices of the new generation with cash-in mode in RUR, EUR and USD. It makes possible to replenish the account, make foreign exchange operations, payments, loan services transactions, including loans in other banks, payments for municipal and corporate services, etc. Master-Bank was founded in 1992. It is a full-service commercial bank.

The bank has 76 offices in the Central and North-Western regions, including offices in Moscow international airports. Master-Bank has a network of over 370 ATM machines.




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  • NIP
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    1027739049304 od 2002-08-06
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