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Cbonds Page: Ukraina

nazwa firmy Ukraina
pełna nazwa firmy Ukraina
kraj Ukraine
SIC 9199 General government

Company details

  • pre-LEI / LEI


Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It has an area of 603,628 sq km, making it the largest country entirely within Europe. The country is home to 45.4 million people.

Ratingi kredytowe emitenta

Agencja ratingowaRatingRating scaleDate
Dagong Global***International scale rating (foreign curr.)***
Dagong Global***International scale rating (local curr.)***
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)***Country Risk Classifications***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- foreign currency***
Moody's Investors Service***LT- local currency***
S&P Global Ratings***Foreign Currency LT***
S&P Global Ratings***Local Currency LT***
S&P Global Ratings***LT National Scale (Ukraine)***
Fitch Ratings***LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)***
Fitch Ratings***LT Int. Scale (local curr.)***
Fitch Ratings***National Scale (Ukraine)***

This service is accessible only to registered users. Please log in or fill in the registration form.


This service is accessible only to registered users. Please log in or fill in the registration form.

Kwota emisji w obrocie

Waluta Emisje w obrocie Cumulative volume
EUR 3 564 412 000
UAH 206 623 292 820 000
USD 35 28 170 983 000


Papier wartościowy Volume, mln Stan
Ukraina, 202972 EUR 11apr2019 44 EUR W obrocie
Ukraina, 202667 UAH 06nov2019 94 UAH W obrocie
Ukraina, 9.75% 1nov2028, USD 1.250 USD W obrocie
Ukraina, 8.9945% 1feb2024, USD 750 USD W obrocie
Ukraina, 202576 USD 18jul2019 254 USD W obrocie
Ukraina, 202568 USD 15oct2020 35 USD W obrocie
Ukraina, 202535 USD 30jan2020 158 USD W obrocie
Ukraina, 202469 UAH 30sep2020 3 UAH W obrocie
Ukraina, 202287 UAH 27mar2019 116 UAH W obrocie
Ukraina, 202295 UAH 04sep2019 74 UAH W obrocie
Loans Volume, mln Stan
Ukraina, 2, 09.2015 500 USD Granted
Ukraina, 1, 09.2015 200 EUR Granted
Ukraina, 08.2015 500 USD Granted
Ukraina, 07.2015 400 EUR Granted
Ukraina, 05.2015 1.800 EUR Granted
Ukraina, 2,03.2015 215 USD Granted
Ukraina, 1,03.2015 5.000 USD Granted
Ukraina, 02.2015 330 USD Granted
Ukraina, 05.2014 750 USD Granted
Ukraina, 09.2013 750 USD Redeemed
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