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Grupa indeksów::Stopy Banków Centralnych

Indeksy w grupie
91-day BoBC rate (Botswana)
14-day BoBC rate (Botswana)
Botswana Bank Rate
Interest Rate (Albania), %
Stopa Fed, %
Discount window primary credit interest rate, %
Stopa EBC, %
Cash Rate (Австралия), %
Stopa Banku Anglii, %
Argentina Repo Rate, %
SELIC Rate Target (Brazil), %
Base Rate (Hungary), %
Hong Kong Base Rate, %
Discount rate (Denmark), %
Denmark Lending Rate, %
Israel Benchmark Rate, %
Refinancing Rate (Mongolia), %
India Policy Repo Rate, %
Indonesia Benchmark Rate, %
Current account rate (Iceland), %
Iceland Lending Rate, %
Canada Target ON Rate, %
China Lending Rate, %
Intervention Rate (Colombia), %
Base Rate (Korea), %
Mexico Benchmark Rate, %
New Zealand | Cash Rate, %
Norway Key Policy Rate, %
Stopa referencyjna (Polska), %
Saudi Arabia Repurchase Rate, %
Turkey Repo Rate, %
Czech Republic Repo Rate, %
Chile Monetary Policy Rate, %
Stopa Banku Szwajcarii (granica dolna), %
Stopa Banku Szwajcarii (granica górna), %
Repo rate (Sweden), %
South Africa Repurchase Rate, %
Stopa Banku Japonii, %
BoJ Target call rate (upper rate), %
Stopa dyskontowa Banku Japonii, %
Mercado Monetario Interbancario de Mocambique (MIMO)
Prime Rate do Sistema Financeiro (PRSF)
Tasa de Politica Monetaria (7-day Repo Rate) (Argentina)
Tasas de interes por depositos a 30 dias de plazo en entidades financieras (Argentina)

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